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Jana Sommerfeld – Government certified translator

Translations in German, Spanish and English

The correctness and significance of a text is of high importance for the inter cultural communication. Cultural peculiarities and certain phrasings in the target language play a decisive role.

I offer you professional translations in German, Spanish and English in the following areas: economics, finances, medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical engineering, technology and engineering. Of course I translate other subjects on request. I work with most modern translation tools so that a quick and professional completion of orders is guaranteed.

Of course you can send me your individual enquiry and I will prepare a non-binding offer for you.


Professional technical translations


I offer professional translations in the following language combinations: Spanish – German, German – Spanish, English – German and German – English.

I specialize in the following areas: Economics, Finances, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Medical engineering, Technology and Engineering.

On request I translate other subjects as well.

I offer my translation services to companies, banks, insurers, hospitals, authorities, courts, lawfirms and private persons. Among other things, I translate manuals, instruction leaflets, product descriptions, dossiers, catalogue texts, advertisement texts, websites etc.

Language courses

To learn a language it is important to understand the grammar as well as the idiomatic peculiarities. Nevertheless language courses should not only consist of learning grammar, but motivating the pupil to actively use the language.

I offer you language courses and coaching in the above mentioned languages, private lessons as well as group lessons.


Because it is very important, for the translated text to exactly replicate the content of the original text, it is necessary for proof-reading to be done.
I examine the texts exactly to determine the accuracy of the content, orthography and punctuation.

I gained my certificate as a government certified translator for the languages of Spanish and English with economics as a minor and with French as my third language in July 2006 in Munich at the Translation and Interpreting Institute in Munich. There I mainly translated economic texts in the stock-market, bankings, finances areas as well as literature.

During my studies I spent lots of time in Spanish- and English-speaking countries ( e.g.: Australia, England, Spain and Mexico), where I was able to deepen my language skills. There I attended languages schools and universities or participated in a trainee-ship among other things.

During my one year stay on the Canary Islands, where I went to university, I selected law and technology as my minor subjects in addition to majoring in economics. In the legal field I translated contracts and certificates among other things and in the technology area I translated operating instructions for example. I was able to extend my skills in technical translation during a trainee-ship at DRÄGER MEDICAL in Mexico.

After completing my studies I worked for TROGE MEDICAL in Hamburg, where I was able to gain knowledge in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Among other things I was responsible for the elaboration of dossiers, product descriptions and leaflets. As a result I am familiar with Spanish and English medical and pharmaceutical terminology. I was able to additionally extend my knowledge in these fields during my work at the company 3B SCIENTIFIC GMBH, where I was responsible for coordinating translations of instructions for use, product descriptions and catalogue texts in different languages. I translated texts in Spanish and English on my own and proof-read them as well. I gained my teaching skills during my work at BERLITZ SCHOOL. Furthermore I took part in an advanced training course offered by ADÜ (Associated Translators and Interpreters) for translating websites to deepen my skills in this field as well.

My work as a translator is very important to me and I offer my clients the best possible quality. I can guarantee this through a structured and reliable workflow. I work with most modern translation tools (TRADOS) and I give all my translations to a native speaker for proof reading to ensure that the translation is free of any errors. I am in a position to translate in other fields as well due to my quick comprehension and my creativity.

Jana Sommerfeld

Government certified translator


Spanish – German

€ 0.70 – 1.20

per line

German – Spanish

€ 1,00 – 1,40

per line

English – German

€ 0.70 – 1.20

per line

German – English

€ 1,00 – 1,40

per line

For a large order I will compile an individual offer. Special services as for example urgent assignments, work during the weekend or the compilation of a terminology require an addition of costs or will be calculated on a time and material basis.

For small orders I charge an allowance of € 40.


€ 0.25

per line

Language courses: German – Spanish – English

Private lessons

€ 35.00

for 60 minutes

Group lessons

€ 20.00

for 60 minutes


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